• District Planning

    We provide expert advice to Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff in special education. Learn key components to developing defensible educational programs and services.

    District Planning
  • Assistive Technology

    Assistive Technology (AT) might be the answer for a child’s access to education. AT Certified Specialists are here to assess and support the district and the child.

    Assistive Technology
  • The Consultant Is In!

    Feeling “lost” or frustrated navigating special education placement and services? The consultant is in!  Ask us how we can better the child’s educational program and services. Let’s focus on the child’s individual abilities rather than the disability.


    The Consultant Is In!
  • The A.B.L.E Choice, Inc.

    The A.B.L.E Choice offers many services for children, parents, and educators!

    The A.B.L.E Choice, Inc.

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Welcome to The A.B.L.E. Choice, Inc.                                                    

Advising and Behavioral Learning Experiences/

Advising and Building Leadership Experts

Collaborate, support and lead districts and families in a direction to open communication and build trust. Support and coach the district leadership in the field of special education.


Consultants with expertise in the field of special education. 


1.   facilitation services for district decision making groups

2.   technical support for new special education directors or administrators

3.   detailed reviews for school districts in the State of California

4.   development of cost efficient and effective program development for school district’s special education infant – 22 year old programs           

5.   compliance investigations

6.   contract to school districts for related services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, assistive technology, psychological, behavior intervention

7.   home/school service providers

8.   contract for independent educational assessments

9. facilitation for districts and parents to build child centered results

10. professional development to school districts in a wide variety relating to special education

11. parent education in the area of special education

  • Consulting-
    • Districts
    • Families
    • Agencies
  • Supporting Children’s Unique Needs –
    • At school
    • In the community
    • At home
  • Providing-
    • Assessment
    • Program Development
    • A variety of Interventions and Supervision
  • Offering-
    • Professional Development
    • Workshops
    • Individualized Parent Education


NEEDED! URGENT! Highly qualified Speech and Language Pathologist needed  to work in a local school district under The ABLE Choice, Inc.  Call us at (805) 295-8806.  




This is what everyone has been waiting for and now it is here in San Luis Obispo County, with a team of experts!

Move through the pages of information to view and learn about the many ways we can support your child and your family, agency or district.  Please contact us and we will respond quickly.

Click here for The ABLE Choice Brochure


Thank you Jackie for all of your support.  Also, for your patience with my wanting to educate the team about his past school experiences.  I think it all went well.  It is a good start and I am happy.  We connected well with his teacher too.  Good Day. Thank you.–Caregiver, 2nd Grade Child

Jackie,  John and I would like you to know how much we appreciate your support & expertise. We can't imagine going through this without you! –John & Candace, Parents of a son with special needs - Nipomo, Ca.

Your consultation regarding special education programs and methodologies has provided our district with professional development for teachers and instructional assistants. We will continue our relationship with you.–Tom, Administrator, Central California-Santa Barbara

Our family was in crisis and you directed us to legal counsel. The regional center had not helped us for 18 months and we were desperate. Thank you.–Father, 10 year old boy with Autism, Central California Valley

Jackie, good morning. Want to share this with you because this is what we worked for and it is "paying off'. B got a hamster this week-end  for gold stars everyday for 3 weeks. He is shining. Yea !!!!!! –Grandma K, 2nd Grader-San Luis Obispo


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